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KenRe Enterprises Inc. Is an organization that was spawned after the inception of the Foot Thongs Miracle Sock™. The idea was to create a sock that offered a true medical benefit as well as function and fashion. Our mission is to ultimately become the premier supplier of fitness apparel and wellness products within North America.


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The Most Hygienic & Practical Sock

Foot Thongs Miracle Socks™ prevent foot fungus, foot sweat, blisters, athletes foot, & foot odor. What’s not to love?

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Foot Thongs Miracle Socks ™ are the medical sock of the future. The advanced feature behind this sock is footwear ventilation technology. Its unique split-toe concept helps to prevent fungus from developing and its patented design is also ideal for airflow, making it the sock of choice for diabetics and those who suffer from sweaty feet or poor blood circulation.

Dr. Suzette Lee

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

The Foot Thongs Miracle Socks™ design technology consists of the perfect balance of fabric, fit, feel, and design creating a positive airflow to the foot for the comfort and potentially improved performance of athletes. The sock increases foot circulation, provides moisture control and eliminates or minimizes foot odor. Foot Thongs Miracle Socks™ are the ideal solution sweaty feet of athletes at any level.

Foot Thongs Miracle Thongs™ split-toe design is compatible with all closed and open toed footwear, including running shoes, sandals, slippers, and thongs. The spilt-toe design, blend of fabrics, and color options make for great comfort, style, and yet versatility for the entire range of footwear products.

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Using the Foot Thong can help eliminate common problems such as…

Athletes Foot

Fungal Toenails

Foot Odor


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Foot Thongs Miracle Socks™ Technology

Open Toe Design

The unique open toe design helps keep your feet more hygienic. It also allows you to wear the Foot Thong™ with any type of footwear.

Superior Ventilation Technology

The patented mesh design eliminates sweat, helps prevents blisters, and produces better blood flow, making Foot Thong™ the optimal sock for athletes & diabetics.

Lightweight Material

Our patented material blend beats traditional cotton socks in comfort and hygiene. Cotton socks produce sweat, retain moisture and are heavier.

They Love It. We Think You Will Too

Watch the videos below to view REAL customer testimonials

D.E. Jones

P.A. in Internal Medicine

“The exciting thing about the Foot Thongs is that there is nothing like it in the market.”

Willis McNeil

certified personal trainer

“I like the Foot Thongs because they are comfortable and light.  They come in many colors, your feet sweat less, I love it.”

Seth Stockton

certified personal trainer

“Wearing the Foot Thongs will provide your foot with long term health care benefits a regular sock cannot provide.”

Bobby G.

Venice Beach, California

“…when I first saw the sock, I was a skeptic, but after trying it out, it works out great.  I’d say definitely try them out if you have a chance.  I’ll be wearing them in the future…check them out.

Sheila R.

Van Nuys, California

“I’ll recommend the sock to my friends…all my friends…because all my friends love to wear sandals.”

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