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KenRe Enterprises Inc. Is an organization that was spawned after the inception of the Foot Thongs Miracle Sock™. The idea was to create a sock that offered a true medical benefit as well as function and fashion. Our mission is to ultimately become the premier supplier of fitness apparel and wellness products within North America.


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The Most Hygienic & Practical Sock

Foot Thongs Miracle Socks™ prevent foot fungus, foot sweat, blisters, athletes foot, & foot odor. What’s not to love?

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Need to place a BULK order? No problem. Please email info@kenreinc.com

For order outside the continental US, please email us at info@kenreinc.com so we can email you the exact shipping cost for your order.

Never tie your shoes again! 1 pair per customer
Future Colors: Baby Yellow, Baby Blue, Mint Green,  Lavender, Peach, Baby Pink